Imslec Accreditation

IMSLEC Accreditation Requirements

Orton-Gillingham of MN is accredited by the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) at the Teacher and Instructor-of-Teachers levels.

The mission of IMSLEC is to accredit quality training courses for the professional preparation of multisensory structured language education specialists.

Orton-Gillingham Certified Teacher, OG-CT

  1. BA or BS degree from an accredited college or university
  2. Completion of the Introductory, Intermediate, and Extended Practicum in good standing
  3. Submission of an OG-CT Application Form to OGMN Board of Directors for approval including application fee
  4. $75.00 application fee is due with application.  The fee is waived, if the application is made within 3 months of the last observation of the Extended Practicum.

Orton-Gillingham Certified Instructor of Teachers, OG-CTT

  1. BA or BS degree from an accredited college or university; MA preferred
  2. Completion of above, or from another accredited IMSLEC organization
  3. Completion of additional course work to include: Advanced Level, Early Learner Level and Reading Theory.
  4. Completion of instructor intern training; for additional criteria, contact
  5. Completion of OG-CTT Application. Download the application

Renewal of OG-CT and OG-CTT

  1. Annual dues of $75 due on May 1 of the current year. Please use the Paypal button below. A Paypal account is not necessary, a major credit card may be used.
  1. Renewal of Certification required every 3 years which includes the documentation of 30 CEU hours and completion of OG-CT, OG-CTT Renewal Form.
    For questions, contact the IMSLEC Committee Chair at

Continuing Education Resources and Forms

  1. IMSLEC CEU Policies and Procedures
  2. Conference Form
  3. Website, webinar, DVD, Video, CD Form
  4. Journal Form
  5. Book Form
  6. CEU Reaction Form
  7. OG-CT, OG-CTT Renewal Form (form may be downloaded and filled out electronically)
  8. Book List, IMSLEC-Approved
  9. Journal List, IMSLEC-Approved

CEU Presentation

CEU Presentation PDF (download or view online)