IMSLEC Certification Pathway

IMSLEC Certification Pathway

Orton-Gillingham of Minnesota (OGMN) has been restructuring its curriculum to better meet the needs of participants/teachers and expedite the track for certification.  In January 2018, Orton-Gillingham of Minnesota (OGMN) completed the reaffirmation process with the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC).  To ensure participants can meet the timeline regarding IMSLEC requirements for certification, OGMN has changed the Certification Pathway.  The following pathway is appropriate for OGMN participants that have completed Level II / Intermediate Course the summer of 2016 or after.  If the participant completed Level II prior to the summer of 2016, an alternative pathway will need to be created, please contact

Under IMSLEC guidelines, the timeline for certification requires coursework be completed in a minimum of 9 months and not exceed 26 months.  Participants will now be able to apply for OGMN certification as an Orton-Gillingham-Certified Teacher (OG-CT) at the completion of the Extended Practicum course.  Please read the following carefully.  Questions can be emailed to

To be OG-CT certified through OGMN, an individual must have the following:

1.) A minimum of bachelor’s degree
2.) Complete OGMN’s Introductory Orton-Gillingham course
3.) Complete 100 hours of documented Orton-Gillingham tutoring between the Introductory  OG course and the Intermediate OG course
4.) Complete OGMN’s Intermediate Orton-Gillingham course
5.) Complete OGMN’s Extended Practicum course
6.) A minimum of 5 one-on-one observations
7.) Pass the Knowledge Survey

Once OG-CT certified, an individual is eligible to obtain two additional endorsements. These endorsements are Early Learning/Pre-Reader and Advanced Study.  The Early Learning/Pre-Reader has no prerequisites, however only OG-CT’s are eligible to enroll in the Advance Study. Both of these endorsements are required as part of the pathway for Certification of Teacher of Teacher (OG-CTT).
Participants who completed Orton-Gillingham of Minnesota’s OG Level II course, (aka Intermediate OG course), prior to January 1, 2018, must do the following:

1.) Read chapter 6 in Speech to Print,  by Lousia Moats
2.) Read chapter 12 in Multisensory Teaching of Basic Language Skills, by Judith Birsh.

To remain certified, an individual needs to:

1.) Pay annual dues to OGMN
2.) Complete 30 hours of Continue Education Credits every 3 years that comply with IMSLEC policy and procedures.

Individuals currently certified as an OG-CT have already completed the work for the Early Learner/Pre-Reader and Advanced Study and can indicate such.
Please feel free to contact with any questions.